Salem Alanzi currently studying at the Salford Business School, University of Salford. Salem does research in Project Management and people management.

Motivation : People are motivated by a desireUsually the overall project team performance begins to decease when there are team members who are not actively participate to the team performance. Project manager should find out the best methods and techniques to treat this transitory loss of concentration. This paper is discussing a guideline that will provide all required tools to the project manager to retain the project team work performance.

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in order to understand why we need people management through change. we need to understand the change first. According to (Charron, Harrington, Voehl, & Wiggin, 2014, p. 436) “Business conditions change and yesterday’s assumptions and practices no longer work”. which will lead the organizations to change its operation and/or processes to introduce new products or services. Although, change is not an easy activity. As suggested by (Waddell & Sohal, 1998) “implementing change is a very difficult task”. Change is complex process and need to be managed properly. (Karp & Helgø, 2009) proposed that “change initiatives do not fail because of lack of grand visions or designs: they fail because leaders do not understand the complexities they are facing”.


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The purpose Of the PESTEL analysis is to make you look around and see What is happening in the broader economic and business environment. All businesses are part of a larger system, the economy. Doing a PESTEL analysis helps you to look at all important factors that might affect the success or failure of your business.PESTEL is an acronym for the following factors (Political, Economic, Social and cultural, Technological, Environment and Legal)The core elements of the analysis are: ‘Political’, ‘Economic’,‘Social’ and ‘Technology’. To these core elements are added ‘Environment’ and ‘Legal’ to make the PESTEL the potential issues to examine could volumes and still only scratch the surface so this discussion Focuses on the approach. The detail Will depend onthe corporation, its industrial sector and the countries within which it operates.

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