3 easy ways to increase motivation as a project manager

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3 easy ways to increase motivation as a project manager

Motivating employees is one of the most important things that every project manager must do. Through motivation, we can ensure good results at work and help employees achieve a better level of performance. Motivating staff is not a difficult process, but it depends on the ability of the person responsible to perform it in the best possible way. Therefore, in this article we will discuss in depth the motivation of employees, the reasons for doing so, the expected results, and eventually we will talk about how to motivate staff. In the best possible way.

Getting the maximum possible staff performance is the goal of every manager

Why do we need to motivate employees at work?

Although the employee performs the task required of him to work, but with the daily routine and the exercise of some tasks, it may eventually lead to the employee’s feeling of boredom, which affects the way the performance.

Also sometimes, we may have a number of staff who are asked to perform certain tasks, which are excessive tasks to their original tasks, thus placing staff in extreme pressure and may affect the final outcome they provide at work.

Also motivating employees leads to the feeling that they are not only machines that perform certain tasks, but that there are those who care about them and seek their support and assistance.

At the moment, there is great interest from the giants in the employees, because these are the real capital of the company, and by paying attention to them, this leads to an increase in the output of work unexpectedly.

Employee motivation also preserves the environment and work environment in a distinctive way, which means that employees feel comfortable while doing business.

How can you motivate employees to work?

After we have finished explaining the reasons why we need to motivate employees, we need to turn to the answer to a very important question, how can we do the stimulus.

In the beginning, all means do not work with all of the same quality, there are those who affect the moral motivation, and there are affected by the motivation of material, and therefore not necessary to succeed all means with all employees. From here you have to realize that different motivations must be provided, so that you can satisfy all the time.

You should have a staff incentive program that you work on from the start, which is the responsibility of the HR team within the organization. By having this program, you will be sure that what you want is already happening.

But of course you have to know that not all things will be present in the program, because there are some means of motivating the staff depends on you in the first place and you are responsible, and that no matter what the program is distinct, your implementation of it and your attempt to make a real impact on the staff is the most important.

In the next paragraphs we will discuss some of the means of motivating staff that you can use at work. It is not a requirement that all of these methods be used. What is important is to choose what suits the nature of the work.

1) Thank you, all the time
One of the things that can affect some employees is the simple word of thanks that comes out of you as a job officer. We often fall into the trap that this is the usual work of the employee, and therefore does not need any thanks for this work. This is a mistake, because the impact of the word in the lives of all people is a very large impact, and sometimes the word “Thank” the official says contribute to motivate employees and increase their enthusiasm and energy, because they feel they get some appreciation from the official.

This does not mean that you say thank you and you do not feel it. You have to be aware of the importance of this word and really put it in the right position, so that staff feel you are doing it for them, not just because you have to tell them traditional words of thanks.

2) Share achievements with staff
The second way that we will talk about in order to motivate employees is a very simple way, and may not be a high cost way.

Work is often managed in such a way that we have some of the tasks we want to achieve over a given period of time. So you may find that some institutions celebrate it when all these tasks are completed, and this is not wrong, but it is certainly necessary to work.

But given the nature of the work, and the time may be long to reach the ultimate goal, you can work to share the periodic achievements with staff. For example, the more you end a certain phase, the more you start to celebrate it with the staff, because it stimulates employees and makes them feel that they are delivering a real product and has an impact on the company’s progress.

You can do this simply by the plan you are on, where you can put some points which are key points in your goal journey within the company, ensuring that the achievement you share is something that is truly worth sharing.

3) Training and promotion programs
The third most reliable means of motivating staff is training and promotion programs.

Any employee who works with you always thinks that he is looking for two things: to develop the level he offers, and to occupy a higher position at work.

You can work on these two things. You can develop periodic training programs based on employee performance reports so you can identify their specific deficiencies and how you can help them develop their performance.

Often the organization is multiple sections, so it is best to have training that brings together all staff, allowing friction with all and thus increase the spirit among employees. This will help motivate employees because it will make them feel like they are one family working together for one goal.

The second thing is the periodic promotions that occur in the organization, and everyone must be familiar with the system, or at least aware of each of them what must be done in order to get promotions, which can leave an internal incentive has to pay him to work.

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