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With a little effort and planning, you will help your new employee to overcome his toughest days and break the barrier of fear and frustration. Starting a new job (especially for the new graduate) is a pain. This will increase the suffering with the new employee in the department (under high pressure) such as IT department, I will write this post that will help you, God willing, to help your new employee to overcome the hardest days.

1: Discover what they know
Personally I prefer to test the new employee on the first day, a comprehensive and intensive test, (many would tell me that this is a kind of punishment and not welcome a new employee). But after the test you can determine what your employee knows, and this will help in dealing with him. Through this test, you can determine whether this employee is in need of an urgent training program or just light courses.

2: Not giving them full network access
A colleague told me that the best way to make a new employee work hard from the first day is to give him full access over the network and make him work. In fact, this is the biggest mistake ( he is still the new employee). Personally, I would like to make him share the office with an old colleague to give him the experience as well as to break the routine and routine of the first day of work.

Do not give the new employee full network access
Do not give the new employee full network access
3: Explain to him his way of naming
Explain to the new employee how to give names to employees accounts, email, servers, devices, this way will give it a comprehensive perception about your network.

4: provide him with a copy of the network diagram
Give him a printed copy of all your network documents, and tell him to read it in a day or two (to be determined by size) and in the case of any inquiry do not hesitate to ask, and tell him that you will be tested in this document. (You may not test him) but to make it more focused.

5: Make him to take a tour in the company
I always advise all managers, not IT department managers, to give the employee a comprehensive tour in the company premises where he will work. It is best to pass on most (if not) employees. This way you break all the barriers, especially that one day he will need to deal with the staff.

6: Try to feel welcome
Anyone who works in the field of IT knows that it is a very tired and exhausting area, so it may seem to the new visitor that all the staff in this section are boring and may also think it is undesirable, so it is best to take advantage of lunch times, daily breaks.

7: Explain to the new employee the work procedures.
In fact, some of the employees in other departments, taking advantage of a new employee and ask for some of the not allowed procedures. So you should explain to the new employee the company’s policies and procedures and how to respond to staff requests

Explain to the new employee the work procedures
Explain to the new employee the work procedures
8: warn your employee of the “bad guys”
In every company there is an employee (or two or three ….) Wicked and misbehaving on others, Personally: I think you should warn your new employee about them. you should be cautious in how to talk about other employees. The new employee might misunderstand your words in the opposite way.

9: Keep them informed
The field of information technology is a rapidly changing and evolving fields, what is new today is old tomorrow, so it is better to have an (unofficial) meeting or to call it a session to discuss new technology.

10: be assure that the first/two weeks for the new staff will be annoying
No matter how worked and tired, or you arrange your thoughts and papers, no matter how you plan and analyze,. the first two weeks for the new employee will be annoying and exhausting days.

hope you enjoy the trip of having new employee 🙂

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