Digital Dictatorship … Trump is banned

Overnight, the official and elected president of the United States of America was banned from most social networks. Suddenly and without introductions, Trump became unable to express his opinion or address his followers through his account in social networks such as Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and others. Most of the social networking sites announced […]

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Pestle Analysis

The purpose Of the PESTEL analysis is to make you look around and see What is happening in the broader economic and business environment. All businesses are part of a larger system, the economy. Doing a PESTEL analysis helps you to look at all important factors that might affect the success or failure of your […]

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project management events conference

I’m listing some of the most important project management events conference. if you have additional or inquiry about the list , please contract me through twitter January to March Project Management events and conferences Event Location Dates Registration SPMI Regional Symposium (PMI Singapore Regional Symposium) Singapore Feb 20 – Feb 21 Registration Passion for Projects Congress […]

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Usually the overall project team performance begins to decease when there are team members who are not actively participate to the team performance. Project manager should find out the best methods and techniques to treat this transitory loss of concentration. This paper is discussing a guideline that will provide all required tools to the project […]

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